Optical probes AMOS-RS485x with RS485 interface

Optical probes AMOS-RS485x are used for serial communication (readout, parametrizing and setting) using infrared communication between static smart electricity meters (or other equipment) with optical interface on one side and PC or RPT (manual computer terminal) equipped with RS485 interface on the other side.


  • The probes are intended for both-way serial communication with the meter via infrared light;
  • RS 485 interface enables remote connection;
  • The probes are attached to the meter by the permanent magnet;
  • The probe parameters fulfil all technical requirements on data transmission in accordance with the standard
    IEC 62056-21 and the set of users’ requirements DLMS/COSEM.

Technical data

Transmission speed 300 Bd to 19200 Bd
IR transmission wave length 800 nm to 1000 nm
Supply +9 Vdc to +40 Vdc (type AMOS-RS485H and AMOS-RS485R) 
+5 Vdc ±10 % (type AMOS-RS485A)
According to FLAG protocol or XON / XOFF
0,2 kg 
Length of transmission cable up to 50 m (type AMOS-RS485H and AMOS-RS485R)
2 m (type AMOS-RS485A)
Working temperature range
– 20 °C to +50 °C
PC Interface 
RS485, half-duplex