Optical communication probes AMOS-USB, AMOS-232P with USB and RS 232 interfaces

Optical probes AMOS-USB and AMOS-232P are used for local serial communication (readout, parametrizing and setting) using infrared communication between static smart electricity meters (meters or other equipment) with optical interface on one side and a PC or HHU (Hand-Held Units) on the other. The probe parameters fulfill all technical requirements on data transmission in accordance with the standard STN EN 62056-21 (previous edition STN EN 61107) and the set of users’ requirements DLMS/COSEM.


  • The probes are intended for both-way serial communication with the meter via infrared light;
  • For USB and RS 232 ports;
  • The probes are attached to the interface by permanent magnet of the probe sensor.

Technical data

Communication device portable PC (notebook, HHU)
Transmission speed [Bd] 300, 600, 1200, 2 400, 4 800, 9 600, 19 200
Transmission wave lenght [nm] 800 to 1000
AMOS-USB (N)* +5V, from interface USB of PC/HHU
AMOS-232P from interface RS 232  of PC/HHU (powerful enough internal power )
Synchronization according to IEC protocol (IEC 62056-21)
Working temperature range - 20 °C až + 50 °C
PC interface
AMOS-232P RS 232
Weight [kg]
scanner/probe 232/USB 0,1

(N)* Made with a stronger magnet