Local evaluation unit OPS

The local unit OPS is the microcomputer unit for error evaluation of the tested electricity meter.


  • Remotely configurable either for reflexive mark of electromechanical meters or SO output or LED of electronic meters;
  • The auto-calibration capability significantly increases the work comfort and productivity of the test system;
  • The reflex scanner work with coded signal to suppress false light signals;
  • The built-in remotely controlled dividers enable to evaluate high constant meters with light impulses up to 2.5 kHz;
  • Variable pre-divider enables direct measurement of standard meters with impulse output up to 500 kHz;
  • The built-in manual switch enables effective local individual units control and data input for tests with operator interactions.

Technical data

Max. resolution 0,002 %
Displayed Error Resolution X.X%, X,XX% or X,XXX% (variable and selectable by software)
Interfaces RS-422
Supply 9 V
Consumption approx. 150 mA
Maximal Frequencies
Impulses from the Standard 500 kHz
Optical Input 1 kHz
S0 Input 1 kHz
Impulse Input 1 MHz (TTL, CMOS)