Electricity meter handling system MHS & FHS

The meter handling systems MHS & FHS are composed of a set of movable trolleys and fixed stands network. They are utilized for convey and connection of tested meters for technological operations.


  • The modular design of the stand system permits building of various capacity test equipments in accordance with laboratory requirements.
  • The stand system may consist of up to four stands. Each of the stands has a capacity for evaluation of up to 20 electricity meters, either single-phase or poly-phase, 10 meters on one side.
  • Construction of the system enables customized placement to fit any laboratory area for easy handling and optimal meters calibration and testing.
  • The movable trolleys permit easy handling and optimal processing of technological operations.
  • The trolleys can be equipped with single-phase or poly-phase quick connection mechanism.
  • The manual wiring system for single-phase, two-phase and three-phase meters can handle up to 120 A.
  • The trolleys can be equipped with optional Precision Electronically Compensated Transformers (CMR-I or CMR-U), enabling simultaneous testing of meters with interconnected voltage and current circuits.
  • The mobile system is dedicated to fully automated electronic equipment ELMA or to a partial modernization of existing electromechanical systems.Static versions of various capacity meter handling system are also available.

Technical data

Capacity of Static Stand multiple of 5 1
Capacity of mobile Stand system up to 4 stands 16 or 20 meters 
(8 or 10 per side) on stand 1
Distance between individual mobile stands 1,5 m 1
Voltage range max. 300 V 1
Voltage connection quick or universal (with safetyplugs)
Current range max. 120 A 1,2
Current connection quick or universal 2

1 can be customized

2 current quick connection limits: 100 A continuously and 120 A for max. 5 min …. both at full contact pressure to copper terminal