Converter AMCV U4, converter USB/RS485

Converters AMCV U4 are used for serial communication (readout, parametrizing and setting) using infrared communication between static smart electricity meters (or other equipment) with RS485 interface on one side and PC or RPT (manual computer terminal) equipped with USB interface on the other side.


  • Converters enable cheap and simple solution of AMR system or electricity meters testing;
  • RS 485 interface enables remote connection;
  • Does not need its own supply source.

Technical data

Transmission speed 300 Bd up to 19200 Bd
Data transmission half-duplex
Supply from USB interface
Insulation strength
max. 1 kVdc
Weight 0,2 kg
Length of line wire max. 300 m, twisted pair, 65 pF/m 
Temperature range – 20 °C up to  +50 °C