Concentrators AMKR

The AMKR device is a simple microserver designed for regular data collection from electricity meters (AMR system) and then upload to an FTP server for further processing. An additional function is the automatic processing of all collected data into own database, thus ensuring a backup of the data and allows the user to check, view or monitor the collected data in a presentation form (tables, graphs, statuses).


  • Possibility to configure up to 3 different FTP servers (even outside the LAN);
  • Communication with electricity meters wireless via MESH, wired via RS485, or a combination thereof;
  • User interface - web pages from any web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera,…);
  • Standard network device with the ability to connect to the Internet and provide remote access;
  • Applications have their own database of users, i. user accounts to individual applications are independent of each other, and each application uses a different port for access.

Technical data

Nominal voltage [Vrms] 230 ± 10 % 
Power consumption [W] max. 15
USB communication [Bd] 9600 or 19200
ISM – Mesh communication [MHz] 868 - 870
Number of frequency channels max. 17
Output power [mW] adjustable: 10mW/10dBm, 25mW/14dBm, 300mW/25dBm, 500mW/27dBm
Sensitivity [dBm]
- 106 (typically)
Range for ISM Mesh [m]
typically 100 (for direct connection) / 2 000 (in buildings with obstacles)
Antenna input of converter [ohm] 50 
Number of nodes  ISM – Mesh 256
Number of nodes  ISM – RS485 20
Memory capacity 3 GB (data storage space) /  Micro SD - industrial (storage medium)
Number of connected electricity meters 1 – 10; 11 – 20; 21 – 50; over 50 (on the basis of a special request by agreement)
Network connection Gigabit Ethernet
Temperature range [ºC] 1 up to 50 
Coverage IP56
Dimensions w x h x d [mm] 240 x 190 x 125
Weight [kg] 1,56