Common mode rejecters CMR-U

The Precision Electronically Compensated Voltage Transformer CMR-U is universal small-sized electronically controlled precision voltage transformer for galvanically isolated voltage transmission.


  • DIN rail mounting possibility.
  • Accuracy class 0,05 and  0,02.
  • Compensation of residual capacitive current from the input to output.
  • Operation without external power supply.
  • Unity transfer ratio of the unit enables simple user test of functionality and accuracy.
  • Built-in short circuit, overload and misconnection protection.
  • Easy user-friendly mounting, negligible power consumption and built-in protection permit simple extension of any meter test equipment by closed I-P link capability.

Technical data

Working Voltage Range 150 V .. 300 V
Frequency Range 45 ... 65 Hz
Output / Input Voltage Ratio 1:1
Max. Output Power   20 VA 
Max. Amplitude Error  (within working voltage range) 0,05 % for CMR-U 1110A
0,02 % for CMR-U 1110E
Max. Phase Error (within working voltage range) 0,03° for CMR-U 1110A
0,012° for CMR-U 1110E
Max. residual capacitive current 5 µA 
Power supply From input signal (no extra supply needed)
Internal power consumption < 2 VA
Protection Overload, short circuit, misconnection
Size 155 x 140 x 90 mm
Weight approx.  2,7 kg