AMT B3x-FA4SET for active energy, multirate, with RTC, up to 100 A

Three-phase static electricity meters AMT B3x-FA4SET are determined for measurement of active energy, instantaneous active power for consumption and supply, voltage, current and power factor in 3-phase 4-wires network in direct connection. They enable measurement of energy in rates controlled by internal clock (up to 4 rates) or externally controlled in two rates. The measured values stored into special registers according to the OBIS codes are displayed on LCD in cyclic or step mode. The data are stored in non-volatile memory during power outage, which can be viewed on the LCD. The electricity meters can be parametrized and readout by using optical probe AMOS type and software supplied by the manufacturer. The testing pulses proportional to the consumed energy are signalling by a red LED. The meters can be produced in version with measurement in summary mode (measurement „using an unidirectional mechanical register“) or with measurement in separation mode (measurement of “consumption – supply”).


  • Measurement  of energy, power, voltage, current, power factor... (A+, A-, P+, P-, U, I, PF...);
  • Historical records of the selected registers, created in the end of month - maximum 15 month historical records (A+, A-);
  • Number of events records (about influence of magnetic field, missing voltage, covers removal...);
  • Event records in separate logbooks (logbook 1 - 3);
  • Passive impulse SO outputs for remote transmission;
  • Communication interface: optical and RS485;
  • Welded case on customer request;
  • Complies with IEC/EN 62052-11 + IEC/EN 62053-21; EN 50470-3 and with requirements of European Parliament and EC Directive 2014/32/EU (MID);
  • Supplied initialy verificated for the billing measurement of active energy.

Technical data

Accuracy class

Reference voltage [V] 3 x 220/380, 3 x 230/400, 3 x 240/415 (-30,+15%), 220, 230, 240
Reference frequency [Hz] 50 
Reference current Iref [A]
5 and 10
Transient current ltr [A]
0,5 and 1 
Starting current Ist [A]  ≤ 0,02 and 0,04 
Minimal current Imin [A]
0,25 and 0,5 
Maximal current Imax [A]
40, 50, 60, 80, 100
Power consumption - 
voltage circuit  [VA/W]
≤ 7,7/ 1,2
Power consumption - 
current circuit [VA]
≤ 0,006 (at 5 A); 2,25 (at 100 A)
Impulse constatnt
for test output kTO [imp/kWh]
Transistor output SO 24 V / 30 mA
Operating temperature  - 40 °C up to + 70 °C
Mean temperature coefficient [%/K] ≤ 0,04
Terminals current ; auxiliary [mm]  ø 8 ; ø 3 
Degree of protection 
cover / terminal block cover
IP54 / IP53 
Fixing holes distance - w x h [mm]  150 x 215-230
Meter dimensions - w x h/h´ x d [mm]  177 x 187 / 251 x 60
Weight [kg] ≤ 1,23