AMT B0x SA4T for DIN rail, for active energy measuring, with mechanical register, up to 65 A

Three-phase static electricity meters AMT B0x-SA4T are determined for single-rate measurement of active energy in direct or indirect connection displaying value on mechanical register with stepping motor. In the case of CT (current transformer) operated meters (x/5A) it is necessary value of register to multiply by the current transformer ratio. The test pulses indicated by red LED are proportional to the consumed energy. Measurement „using an unidirectional mechanical register“ provides positive energy measurement even if the reverse energy flow.


  • Meter case width 7M (1M = 18 mm);
  • Intended for indoor mounting on DIN rail (35 mm);
  • Passive transmitting pulse SO output for remote transmission;
  • Indication of voltage presence, reverse energy flow and phase sequence;
  • Complies with IEC/EN 62052-11 + IEC/EN 62053-21; EN 50470-3 and with requirements of European Parliament and EC Directive 2014/32/EU;
  • Supplied initialy verificated for the billing measurement of active energy.

Technical data

Class presicion B (1)
Reference voltage [V] 3 x 230/400 (-30,+15%)
Reference frequency [Hz] 50 or 60
Starting current Ist [A]
direct/indirect connection
≤ 0,02 / ≤ 0,01
Transient current ltr [A]
direct/indirect connection
0,5 / 0,25
Reference current Iref [A]
direct connection
Nominal current In [A]
indirect connection

Maximal current Imax [A]
direct/indirect connection
65 / 10
Power consumption - voltage circuit [VA/W] ≤ 7,5 VA/0,65 
Power consumption - current circuit [VA] ≤ 0,1
Impulse constatnt - for test output kTO [imp/kWh] 1600
Impulse constatnt - for impulse output kSO [imp/kWh] 1600
Transistor output SO 24 V / 30 mA
Operating temperature -40 °C up to +70 °C
Mean temperature coefficient [%/K] ≤ 0,04
Terminals current ; voltage ; auxiliary [mm] ø 6 ; ø 3 ; ø 3 
Degree of protection IP51
Size - w x h/h´x d [mm] 126 x 105/131 x 59
Weight [kg] ≤ 0,55