AMCV MU-CG, Mesh/USB converter

Converters Mesh-gateway/USB of AMCV MU-CG are designed for collection of data from electricity meters in the distribution network, mainly in case of creating of small local networks within AMR systems.


  • Converters enable cheap and simple solution of AMR system;
  • Converters work as a gateway and enable to concentrate data from electricity meters in the PC; 
  • Small dimensions;
  • Does not need its own supply source;
  • The converters are manufactured in accordance with the standards IEC/EN 300220, IEC/EN 301489, IEC/EN 60950, IEC/ЕN 62056-21, IEC/EN 62056-61 and according to requirements of EU Directive for R&TTE.

Technical data

Nominal voltage [V] +5 Vdc  ± 10 % (Supply from USB port in PC)
USB communication [Bd] 9600 or 19200 (In accordance with ЕN 62056-21)
ISM – Mesh communication [MHz] 868 - 870 (In accordance with EN 300 220)
Number of frequency channels
max. 17
Output power [mW] 

adjustable: 10mW/10dBm, 25mW/14dBm, 300mW/25dBm, 500mW/27dBm 

Sensitivity [dBm]
- 106 (At4800 bps at RF side)
Range for ISM Mesh for direct connection [m]
typ. 2 000
Range for ISM Mesh in buildings with obstacles [m] typ. 100 
Antenna [ohm] 50 (SMD-chip or SMA female for external antenna)
Dimensions w x h x d [mm] 105 x 21 x 22
Temperature range [ºC] 0 to 65 
Relative humidity [%] 5 – 75
Weight [kg] 0,05