AMCV M4x, Mesh/RS485 converter

Converters Mesh/RS485 of AMCV M4x type are designed for collection of data from electricity meters in the distribution network equipped with RS485 interface and for their subsequent sending to the Mesh network.


  • Converters are parameterized by the manufacturer. They can be set as:
    router  - connected to a gateway of type AMCV M4-CG or AMCV MU-CG,
    gateway – allows data collection via router;
  • Possibility to set 17 parameterizable channels, the manufacturer sets the address, frequency, transmission power and baud rate;
  • Four indicator LEDs on the front panel, which in addition to the connection to the gateway also indicate the signal strength;
  • Pulse input for connecting devices with open connector or relay contact;
  • The converters are manufactured in accordance with the standards IEC/EN 300 220, IEC/EN 301 489, IEC/EN 60950, IEC/ЕN 62056-21, IEC/EN 62056-61 and according to requirements of EU Directive for R&TTE.

Technical data

Nominal voltage [V] 230 ± 10 % (Single-phase supply)
Converter´s internal consumption [W] max. 0,6
Number of nodes ISM - Mesh 256 (Depends upon network typology)
Number of nodes for RS485
Max. 32, optim. 20
ISM – Mesh communication [MHz] 868 - 870
Number of frequency channels max. 17
Output power adjustable: 1mW / 0 dBm, 10 mW / 10 dBm; 25 m W/ 14 dBm; 300 mW / 25 dBm; 500 mW / 27 dBm
Sensitivity [dBm]
- 106 (At 4800 bps at RF side)
Range for ISM Mesh for direct connection [m]
typ. 2 000
Range for ISM Mesh in buildings with obstacles [m] typ. 100 
Antenna input of converter [ohm] 50 (SMA female)
RS 485 communication  Half-duplex (Twisted-pair)
Transmission speed [Bd] 300 - 19 200
Insulation strength [kV] 4 (Device of Class II)
Length of line wire [m] 300 (at 9600 bps)
Line wire impedance [ohm] 100
Connection Push-in terminal block 
External supply output [V/mA] 5/50 (Connection – terminal panel)
Impulse input Middle contacts of the push-in terminal block
Dimensions w x h x d  [mm] 35 x 90 x 66
Temperature range [ºC] -10 to 65 
Relative humidity [%] 5 – 75
Weight [kg] 0,15