Company profile

Applied Meters, a.s. is a dynamic company, which deals with the development, production and sales of electronic electricity meters and equipment for the calibration and testing of the electricity meters.

The basic philosophy of the company is to offer the product according to customer needs, ensure its development and type approval, manufacture of the product and subsequent testing and calibration of the product.

The company disposes of modern technological equipment which enables automatic calibration of the electricity meters without a human factor influence with the daily capacity of 2000 pcs at the minimum requirement of the human labor.

Applied Meters, a.s. has laboratories approved for verification of the electricity meters according the MID standard, mode D and it allows the company to supply electricity meters with valid verification seal to all members of European Union.

Applied Meters, a.s. is also a supplier of technological units for the assembly, calibration and verification of the electricity meters. The company offers precise voltage and current sources, precise reference standards and connecting devices for the electricity meters. All the technological equipment is supplied as a „turnkey“, from the elaboration of individual project through the production and testing and subsequent assembly, commisioning and on-site operator training, which will be specified by the customer.

Applied Meters , a.s. has the ambitions to become an important supplier of services and products in the field of electrical energy measurement and subsequent data collection and its integration into the superior systems.

From December 2022 to November 2023, thanks to the support from European funds, the training of 9 selected employees focused on the DLMS/COSEM protocol was successfully implemented in our company.